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Business gifts with logo

Master Niany offer making customized business gifts on order! Our products are unique! We don't offer "Chinese pigs" with drawing congratulatory inscriptions by a method once fashionable, but already bored of laser engraving or t-shirts with UV printing. No! Our products are made using artistic casting, on the basis of individual design projects and "live" your own life is very long, sometimes even longer than those of the companies for which was made.

Our regular customers include various law enforcement agencies (not going to list out loud), representatives of large business and state monopolies (e.g., Gazprom), in General, all those who appreciate the talent of these artists and the time to which our business gifts are beyond!

Make an order for contact numbers. Each case is considered individually!

Almost all corporate gifts made by art castings of tin or bronze in the period from 1991 to the present.