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  • If Your store is on the "tourist trail", Your client could buy cheap Souvenirs in memory of our city or about Russia.
    Made of metal, small in size, economical in price and quality, they will satisfy the tastes of any tourist.

  • Many of them could buy and just figure Russian soldier, as a souvenir from Russia, but those who do are keen on collecting toy soldiers seriously (and there are a lot) will be pleasantly surprised by our range of military-historical miniatures. Cm. section Soldiers.

  • If Your store come to find an original gift, for women we can offer figures of their Pets, dressing mirror, stand for jewelry, and for men an excellent and original gift will be, for example, the equestrian figure of a knight or any other figure in our collection.

  • Our collection is constantly updated with new products. Even if on the shelves of Your store will not any products from our catalogue, we will promptly deliver You products.

  • You can also make orders for products of niena in our catalogue, or the manufacture of new products. We provide our products for implementation at dealer prices. Cm. section Price lists.

  • For information, please contact our managers. Cm. section Contacts.

  • If Your store has its own brand and your corporate identity, we offer a korparchivnich products for interior decoration of Your shop or your own corporate gifts to Your partners. Cm. Exclusive gifts