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Advertising agencies

Special offer for advertising agencies: advertising gifts with company logo.

  • Individual approach, a wide price range, original idea in all advertising souvenir.

  • We offer advertising agencies cooperation in the field of the production of promotional and corporate gifts, metal branding your customers.

    You can choose a sample from the catalog provided on the website. These Souvenirs were made by order of major companies to their customers. The model can be changed in accordance with the corporate style or purpose of the product. This scheme is suitable for the production of corporate souvenir in a short time.

  • Advertising same souvenir – a product individual. In this case, we, in cooperation with you, develop the layout and produce the right amount of products.

  • Cast promotional souvenir favorably with ordinary handles or ashtrays.

    After the replenishment of the assortment of Souvenirs made of metal, your offer will stand out among others. The production of promotional souvenir metal allows to obtain a wide range of cost of the finished product. From respectable to economy class.

  • Many years of experience, powerful industrial base and an established team of qualified employees will help You to respond adequately to every whim of your client.