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The return of the goods

The return procedure governed by article 26.1 of the Federal law "On protection of consumer rights".

  • The consumer is entitled to refuse the goods at any time before its transfer, and after goods transfer - within seven days;
  • Return of goods of good quality is possible if its trade dress, consumer properties, and also the document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of this product;
  • The consumer is not entitled to refuse the goods of good quality, having individually defined properties, unless specified goods may be used solely for buying a person;
  • At refusal of the consumer from the goods the seller must return to him the sum paid by the consumer under the contract, except for the cost of the seller on delivery from the consumer of the returned goods, not later than ten days from the date the consumer the corresponding requirement;

Waiver services

Consumer's right to cancellation of the contract on the provision of services is regulated by article 32 of the Federal law "On protection of consumer rights"

  • The consumer is entitled to terminate the contract on the provision of services at any time by paying the contractor part of the price proportional to the part of the services rendered before receipt of the notice of termination said contract and reimburse the contractor the costs incurred by him up to this point for the execution of the contract, if they are not included in the specified part of the price of the services;
  • The consumer at detection of shortcomings of the service rendered shall be entitled at its choice to demand:
    • gratuitous elimination of defects;
    • a corresponding reduction in price;
    • reimbursement of incurred expenses on elimination of lacks by own strength or the third parties;
  • The consumer is entitled to make claims associated with defects of provided services if they are discovered during the warranty period, and the PRand its absence in reasonable term, within two years from the date of acceptance of the rendered services;
  • The contractor is responsible for defects of the service, on which no warranty period if the consumer proves that they have arisen before its acceptance, or for reasons arisen prior to this moment;