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The Knights Of King Arthur

Today, the company the "niena" in addition to exquisite corporate gifts and gifts with symbols, can also offer a unique collection! "King Arthur and the Knights of the round table" - a unique miniature from Les Etains du Graal. We carry out manual color this amazing cast miniatures. Now the products from Les Etains du Graal is available on the Russian market of collectible figures and toy soldiers. To make pre-ordering is very simple. You can contact us at the contact numbers! Литая миниатюра Король Артур и Рыцари Круглого Стола

A bit of history

King Arthur — cycle-formative character of Celtic mythology and chivalry, the legendary leader who United England under his rule.

Arthur, according to tradition, was the son of Uther Pendragon and the pupil of the magician and the sage Merlin. His right to the crown of Arthur was due to the fact that drew the magic sword from the stone. Arthur gathered at his court all the great and noble knights of the Round table, whose exploits have preserved many legends.

Arthur's court was located in Camelot, where the round table was about the knights, such as Lancelot, Persifal', Gawain, Galahad, Megamur, ector, Kay. To the cycle of Arthurian legends also join such characters as Tristan and Isolde. The core dramatic story of king Arthur is the adultery of his wife Guinevere and the most eminent of all the knights — Lancelot, that eventually led to the deaths of all the characters. The ideological story is the quest of the knights of the Round table chalice called the Holy Grail. (source)

Литая миниатюра Король Артур и Рыцари Круглого Стола

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