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Coating with precious metals

Coating of articles of precious metals from "Niena".

Our company can offer a unique service. Thanks to new, highly technologically advanced equipment, we can cover castings and more precious metals such as gold, silver and other metals. Thus, we are expanding the range of our services and provide a wide selection of our potential customers.

— How do you see, application of precious metals on our products is not only the new service, but also a unique opportunity for collectors to acquire products having in addition to historical values, and even value used from the point of view of the materials used.

— Today, more and more customer to purchase some Souvenirs and gifts with the symbols of his native city or region. As an example, Rostral columns of St. Petersburg. Please attention to the different coloring and as a consequence completely different the perception of this historic monument.

Russian coat of arms today probably already immortalized in various materials. Our company can to offer the most exquisite materials to create Souvenirs VIP-class as for government agencies and commercial firms.

— Returning to one of the the most common types of Souvenirs, note the use of our technology applying in the corporate gifts and corporate gifts (business gifts). Presents cases for lighters was already produced earlier.

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— An example execution elements of interior design and decoration using the application of the drag. metals. Increasingly, in addition to silverware, value not so much as silver, much as some family heirlooms, we try to Refine our apartments and houses, to give the interior refinement and show your good taste.


PS I would Like to draw your attention, the technologists of our company are ready to fulfill all Your wishes, for creating items of unique style or of Souvenirs, gifts top quality. For an order form, request for information contact us at phone.


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