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Busts Of The Romanovs

Author's collection - busts of Emperors of the Romanov dynasty

With the beginning of the new Millennium , there is a lot of literature that allows us to reinterpret the history of the Russian State. Many historical facts and events appear in a different perspective, free from the usual cliches and opinions. N.. Gordievsky had the opportunity learn more about history of the Russian Imperial House of Romanov, to study the life and work of each of the emperors. They are represented by unusual personalities, thinking, suffering, noble, often against their will, carrying a heavy cross obruchevskaya them power. Nikolai became interested in the material available in museums and came to the conclusion that the sculptures of the emperors are scarce. So there was the intention to perpetuate each of the reigning dynasty from Peter the great to Nicholas II in sculptural miniature. (from 1682 to 1917) Is the first experience in miniature famous sculpture-the sculptor of monuments. Work on the busts lasted more than 2 years, the result was created the author's collection of the Romanov dynasty in full force. Each portrait is unique and represents the bust, with a height of 7 inches, on stand. Full art gallery of the Romanov dynasty created for the first time and might be of interest to museums and private collections.

About the author

Gordievsky Nikolay Aleksandrovich was born in 1943 in Chelyabinsk. In 1962 he graduated from the Kishinev Republican Art College, sculpture Department, Studio of Professor J. L. Dubinovsky. In 1970, Nicholas Gordievsky graduated from the Leningrad Higher art-Industrial school im. Mukhina, Department of monumental sculpture, workshop of Professor V. L. Rybalko. N. Gordievsky participant of many regional, Republican and international exhibitions, an author of many monuments abroad. He is the author of monumental sculptures, executed in bronze for the Sports-Concert Complex Gagarina in St. Petersburg, as well as the author of the sculptural works for many interiors and facades of buildings of St. Petersburg. In 1988 in St. Petersburg was opened a monument in bronze and polir. Granite, dedicated to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan. The monument is established in Park of Internationalists in Kupchino, at the intersection of the Bucharest street and the prospect of Fame. Nikolai Alexandrovich member of the Union of Artists since 1972, his works are in many foreign private collections.

More sculptor's busts of the Romanov dynasty made by N.. Gordievsky

  • The Emperor Peter I Alexeyevich Romanov
  • Empress Catherine I
  • Peter II Alexeyevich Romanov (in work)
  • Imperotica Anna Ioannovna
  • Empress Elizaveta Petrovna
  • The Emperor Peter III Fedorovich (in work)
  • Empress Catherine II Alexeevna
  • Emperor Paul I Petrovich
  • Emperor Alexander I Pavlovich
  • Emperor Nicholas I Pavlovich
  • The Emperor Alexander II Nikolaevich
  • The Emperor Alexander III Alexandrovich
  • Emperor Nicholas II Alexandrovich

How can I order a collection?

In the molding art made today is only part of the collection.
Manufactured in tin, only three of the bust, but they can be purchased separately.

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