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Individuals and collectors

  • If You are not a collector of tin soldiers, I assure You it is temporary.
    Simply browse our collection of catalogues of toy Soldiers, Model Top Quality and You will enjoy it.

  • If You are the boss of the company, or employee of any campaign, the team broke my head thinking what an original gift to buy for the anniversary, company or corporate occasion, what to give boss browse our catalog of Exclusive gifts, where the products that we have already been exclusive to different companies, and maybe you'll glimpse an interesting idea, which we will realize in metal.

  • You have a friend or acquaintance from another city or country?
    Give him a souvenir in memory of our city.
    Your wife or sweetheart doesn't share your Hobbies? Look in a catalog of favors and get her a figurine of her favorite dog, or give the mirror "Frog" is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

  • If You are a collector we will be glad, if you'll be able to replenish your collection of our works.
    If you collect figures of any historical era, or a historical event, build the battlefield or create a diorama, browse through our catalogue of toy Soldiers and we hope that we will find you the missing pieces.
    If you do not have enough available funds or time to create dioramas, we will gladly arrange it for you.

  • If You are so skilled that they themselves paint the shapes, we offer our entire range in unpainted form.

  • If a special highlight of your collection is the level of the art of painting on metal, directory Models Top Quality we can offer You the works of our best artists, which draw on individual orders and their level of painting is recognized as the highest in many international exhibitions.
    We are confident that our artists will take into account any Your wishes.

  • If in our collection You have not found your desired figure, look in the catalog the painting of the figures of other firms a collection of well-known Western firms in our painting.
    We cooperate with such famous campaigns as the Spanish "Andrea",", Pegaso", "Masterclass", "Soldiers", etc.

  • If you want to create your own unique model which no one else in the world, our sculptor dazzle her at the highest level for You.
    If Your collection already has all the necessary pieces from our catalogue, don't forget to look at the List of new products we constantly replenish our collection with new models.

  • Looking forward to seeing You at the exhibitions in which our company participates.
    Please visit the Exhibition.