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For dealers

  • For dealers and wholesale buyers we provide a flexible system of discounts and special orders on tin soldiers in a variety of quality Souvenirs from metal, and unique Souvenirs and gifts. Our price list indicates a retail price. For dealers, wholesalers, advertising agencies,shops provides wholesale prices and flexible discount system. For clarification you can always contact us.

  • Work with official dealers of the company, as well as shops etc. can be performed under the contract. In this case, accepted payments on account of the company.

  • Our company policy requires 100% prepayment for orders (this is due to the specificity of work), but dependent on the terms of the contract, a possible 50% in advance. Work on the order starts immediately after receipt of payment.

  • Order will be completed in the shortest possible time, dependent on the terms specified in the contract. See How to order.

  • For stores and outlets , we offer convenient and reliable packaging of goods. - Order each product can be Packed in a separate box. Delivery is always reliable!