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Tin soldiers

Collection chronologically covers the period from ancient times to the present day in many countries. The figures in this section are made in games (gift) ,a semi-collectible or gift quality. On the base of each figure specify the catalog number and the name of the artist. Each figurine is an original work of the sculptor. Figures painted in tempera and acrylic paints. In souvenir, semi-collector quality action figure is covered with a protective layer, so it is easy to play, build dioramas of battlefields. Many of the figures are made with a portrait likeness.

Tin soldiers 4 types of quality

Tin soldiers – every kid's dream. And no matter how old he is. Collection of toy soldiers can equally attract the baby, the same Director of a respectable company. So tin the miniature was and remains the best souvenir for men. Production of tin soldiers is one of the main activities of our company. Tin miniatures covers the history of many countries from ancient times to the present day. If you do not have a collection of tin soldiers – it's time to start making it with us.