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Painted figures by other companies

On this page of the website contains the catalogue of models created by the leading Western manufacturers of unpainted miniatures and painted by the best artists of the Studio "niena".

Our clients have a unique opportunity to choose any unpainted miniature from catalogs of well-known companies Andrea Miniatures, Pegaso Models, Romeo Models, Soldier, etc. and enjoy painting in the Studio "niena"!

In addition, if You have your own undyed products that You would like to paint with artists of the Studio "niena", please contact us! Term of order execution: 1-2 months + time for delivery.

The site presents samples of whales painted by order of our clients, as well as photos of the packaging manufacturers. On Your orders, our artists will paint the figures in any capacity.

www.andrea-miniatures.com www.pegasomodels.com www.romeomodels.com