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Types of paint

Directory directory:

The floor of the collective
The collective
Semi collectible
Top Quality
Top Quality
  • Each model in our collection has a serial number.

    The first digits indicate the country (1 and 7 -Russia, 4 -France, 13 of England, 12-Prussia, 14-Italy, etc.) or the collection section (11-knights, 20-samurai 16-the Vikings), and finally the model number. For Example, 4.58 - I. French General Murat. With orderovogo rooms, You can easily find the product name in the text catalog Reference section.

  • The scale (height model).

    – 54 mm

    – 90 mm

    – 120 mm

  • Quality painting: we offer various kinds of painting products.

    Gift quality - the simplest quality of painting. The artist displays only the basic details of the uniform or costume. Figures of this quality are typically used to compile and themed chess sets, or for the game.

    The floor of the collector's quality is more complex as painting, British technology. Uniforms and costumes of the soldiers are displayed in more detail. Such figures are often used to create historical dioramas.

    Collector's quality - high quality painting tin soldiers. The product is painted by highly skilled artists Studio niena, painting not only in detail reports costume pieces, but in many cases a resemblance. Quality painting speaks for itself, toy soldiers collector quality created by the Studio niena, adorn the best collections in the world.

    Top quality - high quality of painting knights and samurai. This painting is unique and is not repeated twice.

  • Important information.

    1. The same model the soldier can be painted in 3 main qualities of the painting (souvenir, semi-collector, collector).

    2. Please note that knights and samurai, Hiking and horseback riding, can be painted in a semi collectible and Top qualities\ Top-max.

    3. When placing an order, please do not sure to specify the required quality of paintings.