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Corporate gifts

Manufacturer of corporate gifts from Niany.

It all depends on Your imagination...
In principle, a corporate gift is a reflection of the style of the company, embodied in the metal. Whether it's a themed statue or cast miniature. It can be business gift to business partners or become a unified style for the entire company, Board accessory. A good corporate gift can become a product manufactured by professionals, "Nieny" exclusive for You!

Depending on the function of the product, we can manufacture it as an economical business-Souvenirs with symbols of Your company and in the form of an exclusive, respectable accessory VIP class. It may be small figurines, symbolizing the specifics of the company desktop business card holders, coasters of paper, various items of office interior such as original fixtures or supports for handles with cast miniature. This is not a complete list. Our production is able to carry art castings of various shapes of the highest quality.

You will be able to participate directly in the production process and to make changes at any stage of making a model. Outside of St. Petersburg, You will also be able to track all stages of your order using provided by us detailed pictures of the product.

In case when you require prompt execution of the order and the time to produce an exclusive souvenir remains, You can choose any of the models presented in our catalogue. It will be modified in accordance with the corporate style of Your company or event in whose honor is made. Example: heraldic painting any knight of our collection can be replaced with your corporate logo or emblem of your city.

Model creation is a complex and time-consuming processinvolving a slaveotoo large number of specialists in various fields.
1. The first stage sketch model (in the sculpture Studio or art Studio so are ready to execute sketches and photos).
2. The work of the sculptor's master model in plastic.
3. The finished model is passed to the production Department for moulding, casting and machining.
4. The last step in the creation of model art painting, blackening or coating.