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Dioramas from the company niena

"Diorama" is a painting that is achieved by way of construction of objects or props, with the result that people watching such a structure, feel present in the natural space. For dioramas dedicated museums and pavilions, because they need a dedicated space, lighting and music. The diorama was created mainly to play historic battles. Thanks to them you can reinforce the stories, as clearly overlooking the diorama of the battle, much easier and more interesting to learn about the history. The diorama was created a long time ago, her home country is France.

In 1822, the famous inventor of the photographs, John Daguerre invented the diorama. Because of this, he gained immense fame by showing his invention to the people in his paintings every few minutes, changed stories and showing beautiful castles, waterfalls, mountainous terrain. Later was created the first domestic diorama, which was dedicated to the Civil war. And in 1977, created the biggest mobile diorama, which displayed a panorama of Moscow. She became famous in many foreign cities.

The company the "niena" offers the manufacture and sale of dioramas. To buy (order) diorama check out our work.