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Collectible line of chess from "niena" consists of more than ten different game sets that are grouped as events based on the world famous military confrontations of the different eras of world history.

The production of chess takes place by means of cast white metal. Figures can be aged bronze and tin, or painted with tempera and acrylic paints. Each figurine has its own facial expression. All items are carefully made and examined.

The company's craftsmen create perfect gifts for business partners, close friends, loved ones men and customers. On top of the dyed product is treated with a special protective layer. All the figures are easy to learn, as they have a resemblance. The chessboard must be purchased separately.

  • Romans and gladiators – there are on the chessboard, two very worthy opponent;
  • The battle of Kulikovo is a set consists of figures on the face-off between the Golden Horde, the Russian principalities;
  • Knights of the middle Ages – the characters of the French officers to fully convey the spirit of the time, they can be used to recreate the battle of Crecy;
  • Borodino – the figures show a part of Russian history;
  • Waterloo – with the characters, select the side of the British or the French and rout the enemy;
  • civil US war 1861-1865 gg. in 2 versions – participate on one of the sides of the American revolution and lead soldiers to victory;
  • The battle of the ice 1242 is an intelligent gift for VIP guests, who often make responsible decisions, he will be glad of the Director, officials and business partners;
  • The great Patriotic War – new from our artists, allow yourself to win so many in a great battle.

The chess table is always a relevant gift for people of any age. Buying a chess set on a historical subject, You will never go wrong with the gift and will receive a sincerely thanks.

Chess is not only a beautiful accessory, but also has many advantages the game. It improves attention and memory and develops analytical skills. This dynamic game with many strategies makes it pleasant and useful to spend time.

Our company offers chess sets of the highest quality. They will serve long and delight with its interesting and pleasant appearance. With this gift You will remember for a long time!