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About the company

  • Production art company the "niena" was founded in 1990 in St. Petersburg. During these years we became numerous prize-winners of trade exhibitions in Russia and abroad (Italy, France, Germany, USA).

  • On the creation of highly artistic tin Studio models "niena" by professional historians, sculptors, artists and craftsmen in metal. The production capacity of our company allows us to produce more than 5000 pieces of products per month. Own professional sculpture workshop, art workshop and experimental laboratory give us the ability to create unique pewter miniatures worthy of the best collections in the world. Our historians monitor compliance with the historical accuracy of military and historical miniatures. Theme sets of toy soldiers collection of our company covers the period from ancient times to the present, represented by many countries and also includes the great politicians, public figures (Ancient Greece, Rome, barbarians, Vikings, medieval knights, Samurais, Napoleonic Army, World War II, the Civil war and much more). We offer tin soldiers high quality in 4 different types of painting: souvenir, procollection, collectible and Top. The variety of models, and the difference in the scale and quality of painting of the figures will help you understand our reference.

  • In addition, over the past few years, our company started the production of corporate gifts and exclusive gifts.

    For business people and advertising agencies we offer promotional business gifts and unique gifts by individual order and in a wide price range.

    For example, if You want to make a gift for a wealthy person, Your business partner, then surely it should beü luxury gift excellent quality, fine detail and respectable appearance. But if you want to produce promotional products for any trade show or presentation, there is often a fairly fresh idea embodied in a small cast miniature economy class.

    The purpose and form of souvenir from the metal depends only on the imagination. We are happy to listen and implement every idea our customer!

  • For additional information, please contact us. If You are in St. Petersburg, we invite You to visit our showroom at:

    The embankment of the river Volkovka,9

    Tel.\Fax: +7 (812) 712-8070

  • We offer high-quality products, great choice and reliable delivery of orders to any country in the world.

We invite You to cooperation!


Our details

  • OOO "niena Studio"
  • Fact. address: Saint-Petersburg
  • embankment of the river Volkovka, d. 9 ,business center "Remchas", 3rd floor
  • Jur . address: 192102, Saint-Petersburg
  • embankment of the river Volkovka, D. 9, lit A, POM 4N, .45
  • INN 7816473205 TRANSMISSION 781601001
  • Bin 1097847287031
  • NACE 25.99.24
  • Account 40702810717060003079
  • Branch № 7806 VTB Bank (JSC) in St. Petersburg
  • BIC: 044030707
  • f/s: 30101810240300000707
  • Tel/Fax :+7(812)712-80-65, +7(812)712-80-70 E-mail: buhniena@mail.ru studioniena@gmail.com


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