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How to order

You can choose any item from the catalogue and order it from us, denoting its name, number and quantity. As we have 4 types of quality production (souvenir, semi- collector, collector and top quality) you should state the quality you prefer as well. After you inform us about the name of the item, the item number, the quality and the quantity of your order we will tell you the end price, including all the discounts. (There is a distinction between the prices for our wholesalers depending on the amount they order).
To make an order and to get the prices please contact us by e-mail: niena@peterlink.ru or by tel./fax:007 (812) 712-8070.
We ship world wide. The shipping of our goods in fast and safe. Shipping cost is usually paid by the customer. We use EMS (express mail service) or regular post service-door to door delivery. For the big wholesale orders we use Luthansa cargo Express, that delivers within a few days to the customers'airport.
We will inform you shortly about the total sum of your order including all the discounts and shipping cost. Right after you get our payment directlions, you can pay to our account, to Westernbid account via Paypal or via Western Union. Please contact us for the payment information and instructions!
Our partners & affiliates abroad (US, Europe) and in Russia.

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